Welcome students and CONGRATULATIONS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - even if it's not your birthday any time soon, please accept this invitation to another birthday celebration - it's for you - and .... well, you'll see.

This website introduces an event that celebrates a rather belated birthday. I was a day late wishing my Mum happy birthday once - sorry Mum - but the birthday this event remembers is 4 billion years belated - opps! That's really really really late! You taking part in this event may just begin to make up for this monumental oversight.

I'll get to the point. We want you to join us on a walked journey, a day of discovery with your friends and family ~ walking back in time. We've laid down a 4 billion year timeline over some local hills along footpaths, so that every step you take will (figuratively speaking) carry you deeper into the past. We'll tell our story using a special Phone App which will speak to you along the way. You can download it below. This event is part of science week and so we've also arranged for you to meet several living creatures (and their expert handler). Afterwards, if you try our team quiz (available via this site) we'll add you to our leaderboard.

step1 Optional starter for students!

School Satellite splats

Want to check out if our App really works? Will you be the first to find all 5 of your school's satellite splats? Download Appfurnance (via a good internet connection) and then click on the + button top right and select the QR code option - your phone camera will automatically turn on and, when it does, simply point it at the QR code you'll find here and it will automatically download our Splat App onto your phone. IMPORTANT: The App won't work if you open it whilst you are already outdoors INSIDE the splat. Open it inside a classroom or elsewhere away from the splats. Use one of our school maps (use same link as above - 'here') to go and find your school's satellite splats. As you walk into each one, a voice begins talking. Listen to the audio content then go and find the next one. Enjoy! Email us via the contact tab below once you've found all 5 and figured out the clues and worked out our password - first person to do so gets a prize - a laminated family tree poster.


Registration and the Trail App

Ask whichever adult is coming with you to register for you (so we can tell our walking leaders who to expect on the day) and then download our Trail App. We promise not to pass on these contact details to any other organisation. If you wish to raise money for our nature conservation charity - the Durrell Wildlife Conservation trust please download this walking sponsorship form and send any funds raised directly to them. Thank you.


The 4 Billion Year walk - Saturday 19th March

HAVE YOU REALISED after the walk when you arrive at Kilve - there is no return transport to where you started the walk? You'll need to be picked up or use two cars or arrange a lift with someone!

Forecast is currently dry but with North east wind - temperatures will feel very cold up on the tops - With wind chill -2 Celsius. Bring plenty of layers - warm hat/scarf and gloves and wind proof coat/trousers. There is a small risk of some rain. Please check the health and safety section on the parents and staff page.

All students must be accompanied by an adult. We'll provide a walking leader per trail to show you the way but we cannot accept responsibility for your welfare - that's down to the adult who is walking with you. However, we will have a Kilve Court Landrover on stand by, but this is primarily intended for emergencies. Please choose a route length suitable for everyone in your party. Please note :unlike the other trails, the 5 mile trail will not include all the phone App GPS pools, and you may not meet any live animals.

On the Trail day - get a lift to the start of your trail :

5 mile route - Jellyfish Trail - start 2pm at Bicknoller Inn TA44EL - finish 5pm at Kilve beach TA5 1EG.(This route includes some of the satellite pools and a few bugs shown at the Trail end)

8 mile route - Birds and reptiles - start 11.45am at Blue Ball Inn at Triscombe TA43HE - finish 5pm at Kilve beach TA5 1EG.(This route includes all the satellite pools and bugs shown at several locations)

13 mile route - Humans - start 9.15am outside Kingston St Mary Primary School TA28JH - finish 5pm at Kilve beach TA5 1EG.(This route includes all the satellite pools and bugs shown at several locations)

Meet your walking leader and walk the trail using your Trail phone App as you go. You'll need a packed lunch. Get picked up at Kilve Beach at 5pm. A while after the walk, attempt our post trail Quiz together (online) to see how much you learnt - you're team will go up on our leader board.

Oh, and WELL DONE - even if you haven't yet completed the Trail - you are already amazingly successful. You really are the best of the best, of the best ...... I could go on .... - in fact you are the outcome of 4 billion years worth of success! .....no extinction in your family line - not even once! It stands to reason you see, every single one of your family ancestors must have successfully survived until they reproduced - otherwise you wouldn't be here! So let's hear it for your incredibly successful family down through the ages - every last one of them! WELL DONE INDEED

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